Comic 289 - Issue #6 Cover

30th Jul 2018, 6:02 AM in HOTWAB 6
Issue #6 Cover
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Shaneoid 30th Jul 2018, 6:02 AM edit delete

Cover art by Dan Butcher creator of Vanguard. Huge thanks to Dan for the awesome cover.

Issue 6 focuses on G.I. Ant, who's story has grown over a series of prologues and specials. Recap on them here
Main story


This comic was made over the start of 2018, one of those times where you knuckle down to a project at the start of the year and when you pop your head up, half of the year has gone! :D The art comes off a good 20 months of experimenting with Night Twink and I hope the additional experience shows. A few pencils were also done on the iPad.

G.I. Ant was conjured up back in the 90's by myself to bring in the Punisher-style anti-hero archetype to my universe. I still have an old acrylic painting of his early concept

He was the trained military type on inception, however the transhuman aspects have creeped in to merge with the over all HOTWAB theme lately. He's very much purposefully meant to reflect the vacuous and violent 80's/90's action movie star so as to keep him easier to adapt outside of the HOTWAB universe as he is present in countless dimensions as we find in his first outing, meaning he is able to appear in any media without harming his prime story.

I hope you enjoy, any correspondence please e-mail:

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