Comic 32 - Issue #1 Page 31

19th May 2016, 8:11 PM in HOTWAB 1
Issue #1 Page 31
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Shaneoid 8th Jul 2016, 10:57 AM edit delete

I'm a socially anxious, autistic nerd, with a degree in cosmology and existentialism. I'm about as 'street' as a Sci-Fi fan. So coming in to scenes like this, I'm mainly working from the media to achieve any type of real feel to it, and I do worry that they don't come over as terribly authentic.

The same applies to writing for different cultures, as much as I'm from a wonderfully multicultural city, I worry authenticity becomes an issue. However, I suppose I have the get-out clause here of working in comic book world, where you can get away with clichés and the like more. That said, as much as I'm attempting to explore morality in HOTWAB, it's not my intention to make social commentary.

I don't believe media gives a good representation of real life and I don't believe something billed as complete fantasy should be made an example of in regards to representing any real life scenario. To do so would be admission that we are locked within a hyperreal state (where we attain our preconceptions of what is right and acceptable through media). These days there seems a propensity from folk to blame the media for societies woes by misrepresentation, however they don't seem to want to look to themselves for becoming so beguiled with media or putting in it some prioritised position.

In other words, as much as I'm trying to write something familiar and cohesive, I declare this as a work of complete fantasy and in no way is there any intent to reflect any real life scenario in any way.

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