Comic 383 - GMBTV 3/5

24th Jun 2019, 6:00 AM in HOTWAB 7
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Shaneoid 24th Jun 2019, 6:00 AM edit delete

Currently on a mini-break. Comics will be uploaded by schedule on Mondays for June/July 2019.


Bracey 28th Jun 2019, 7:26 PM edit delete reply
I really like the idea of a dwarf mech pilot and your reasoning makes a lot of sense. A pilot taking up half as much space means you can squeeze more systems into the armor. Other military vehicles have similar restrictions.

My uncle wanted to be a fighter pilot when he enlisted but there are size limitations on jet cockpits and he’s 6’3”. He ended up enlisting in the moraine so that he could fly combat choppers which were able to accommodate a man of his size.
Shaneoid 1st Jul 2019, 6:26 AM edit delete reply
Wow that's a really cool history of your uncle there. This guy is actually my earliest OC, I think I made him about 7 or 8 and he was a dwarf with huge arms, and he's evolved in to this guy over the years.
Bracey 1st Jul 2019, 6:01 PM edit delete reply
That’s cool, I love hearing the black story of characters.

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