Comic 72 - Issue #2 Page 29

5th Sep 2016, 12:10 PM in HOTWAB 2
Issue #2 Page 29
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Shaneoid 5th Sep 2016, 12:10 PM edit delete

Is it Monday already?
Hello all and here's another dollop of HOTWAB action! I've had a few correspondance with people asking about collabs and stuff, I suppose I should point out, the comic is going through a good few story archs which will set up the basic premise of what HOTWAB is all about. I'm sure many are used to modern media quickly setting up a premise right at the beginning but I wanted to see the premise evolve from things.

This is Chapter 1; "UltraDimensionals and ExtraNormals" and I'm working from he Moffat school of story archs, so keep an eye on the little things as they'll be clues for later. (Steven Moffat is the head writer of Doctor Who). This chapter is essentialy like those "Year One" comics that DC are so fond of doing, only not in retrospect. I am developing a character which can be used for collabs, who'll be jumping in to action soon.

I'm not sure how other webcomic creators work, but most of my planning I do in my head and it seems to translate well enough over to what becomes the finished product. As such, I'm lacking a lot of 'concept art' which seems to be popular as additional material. There were a few early works I did at the beginning of sketching out what was to become HOTWAB, which I'll post up over this week. They were using the heavy shadows style which I had been practicing a lot, but which I wanted to get away from. The one below eventually evolved in to the top panel on this page

Here's hoping you all have a pleasent and safe week, see you all Friday!

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