Comic 88 - Issue #2 Epilogue 8

15th Oct 2016, 6:17 AM in HOTWAB 2
Issue #2 Epilogue 8
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Shaneoid 15th Oct 2016, 6:17 AM edit delete

The end of the epilogue and a finality to issue #2.

Say hello to G.I.Ant! He was a character I used to do a 3 panel story for on my old Geocities website back around 2001, although he was a shirtless marine back then, so he's had a good lick of paint.

I had this idea for a rooftop scene during issue 2 with a future version of Chronomancer, although it's changed a lot since it's inception, as I find a lot of time travel episodes in comics and TV stories come later in a series and you find they have never prepared for it previously, so this is me putting a big time travel loop in HOTWAB ready for some future event.

Also the premise behind G.I.Ant's journey in to the multiverse will become clear in the next few weeks. But basically comic readers will be aware of certain characters like Wolverine and Batman who seem to just turn up everywhere, in a dozen or more stories while also appearing in their own comic... without explaination! My brother and I joke they've got omnipresence as a power, they just don't tell anyone.

Well, this will be the same for G.I.Ant, who is the character I'm leasing to other creator universes, while simultaneously having him appear in HOTWAB. He's already been accepted in to the Deviant Universe and will team up over there with a selection of their OCs, all being well. I'm toying with Entervoid, and he'll be the character I'd use for any collabs with other creators right now while I establish HOTWAB.

Thanks again for reading and also thanks to everyone who has been supportive over the last few months. See you all Monday with Issue 3!


Hinoron 5th May 2022, 1:33 AM edit delete reply
Hmm... So the premise of G.I.Ant's powers... is probably the old factoid about ants being able to lift 50x their body weight.

The thing is... weight isn't completely proportional. They can do that because their weight is barely anything, so 50x almost nothing is still pretty light. This is true of almost any tiny insect. Aeronautical engineers insist that it should be impossible for the bumble bee to fly... well it obviously flies just fine, so it's their evaluation that's flawed; they're thinking in terms of airplanes large enough for people to be inside them; something that size, shaped like a bumble bee and with wings of proportional size, certainly couldn't fly. The bumblebee can, because it's very tiny and weighs nearly nothing.
Little babies learning to walk stumble and fall on their front. Adults in the realm of 2 meters in height are alarmed, because if THEY fell from their full standing height to land that way, it would be incredibly painful! The baby only fell 25cm or so, and is not nearly so heavy as a grown adult, so the little guy pops back up as though nothing has happened. The adults are confused that he's fine and not crying.

If an ant were somehow enlarged to be the size of an adult human, it wouldn't still be able to lift 50x its weight. In fact it's simple hydraulic "muscles" probably wouldn't be able to lift its own body off the ground.

This has been your lesson in useless facts. I've been your host, Hinoron. Good night!

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