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Punch Bad Guys Girl by Bill Walko

StormGod vs Nathan by DrawEraseRepeat

Go-Bee features in the Indie Comic Team-Up evern thanks to Danomyte138

Star Savage by Richard Macrae

Go-Bee by Mike VanSlyke

Vespra by MicahDraws

Star Savage by David Fleming

Go-Bee from MaroonDrops 

G.I. Ant...Girl? From James for the Collective of Heroes Secret Satan 2019

Glamour Girl/Trisha by Cattle6

Damoizelle art by Lomica

Go-Bee art by Michael, creator of Nite Stick!

'HOTWAB Micro heroes' by James at Deviatart

Force-Ar and Red tiger by James Findlay, creator of Red Belt


Deviant Universe cover featuring G.I. Ant by BjAtkinson



Star Savage (part of the Collective of Heroes 2017 Halloween art exchange) by Dan Butcher



Night Twink by SuperJustinBros


Night Twink by MicahDraws


Night Twink Collective of Heroes 2017 Secret Santa by Dan Butcher



Night Twink and Ms. Rocket by David Fleming


Cybat from Zappit

Cybat from Zappit


Christmas exchange by Jeff


Power Pawz (with Santa) by Jeff


Hoil-i by Barry


Hol-ii by Barry


Force-Ar by Al Fukalek

Force-Ar by Al Fukalek


Force-Ar by Neil


Force-Ar by Neil


Damoizelle by David


Damoizelle by David


Force-Ar by Isreal


Force-Ar by Isreal


Night Twink y Magician's House


Night Twink by Magician's House


Night Twink


Night Twink by Richard

Night Twink by GamesPeoplePlay

Force-Ar by David

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